One Heart

“The Lord has sought for Himself a man after His own heart.” 1 Samuel 13:14

What does it mean to be a “man after His own (God’s) heart?” This is a question that I have often pondered. The answer must be extremely important or it would not have been the single qualifying attribute for the King of God’s choosing.

It isn’t possible to answer the question thoroughly in this column but we can ponder one aspect of what it means to be a person with a heart like our Lord’s.

Even though King Saul sought David’s life, Saul’s son, Jonathan, was David’s “bosom buddy.” Jonathan knew that David would be king one day and not himself. He believed the word of the Lord just as David did.

Jonathan made a covenant with David that when David became king he would always show kindness toward Jonathan’s family. David readily agreed out of his love for his true friend who gladly acknowledged that the Lord had given David the throne (1 Samuel 20:14-16).

At least seven years after King Saul and Jonathan’s death, when David had secured the throne over all Israel, David remembered his covenant with Jonathan. This is a picture of the Lord remembering His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob even though many years had passed, and “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14). David did not forget his covenant and neither does our Lord.

David went to considerable lengths to discover Jonathan’s son who had been lame since childhood. David took Mephibosheth into his own house (the king’s palace) and made him as a son. In addition all Mephibosheth’s inheritance was restored to him.

The Lord has not forgotten His covenant with Abraham and neither has He forgotten His covenant with David. This is a key attribute of our Lord – that of keeping one’s covenants, promises and word.

A person with a heart like the Lord’s will always keep his word, written or verbal. Unfortunately there are few such people in our world and even among many who call themselves Christian there are many who do not regard their promises and covenants including their marriage covenant. Love is keeping one’s vows.

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