‘Jesus wept.’

John 11:35

Guest post by Mikayla Johnson

Everyone has emotions. We all feel many emotions at different times for lots of reasons. Our emotions change as a result of different situations. Every single person is different, and this is the same with emotions too. We don’t always experience them in the same way as each other, but we all experience emotions. Having emotions is a part of being human.

In the Bible there is a verse that says, ‘Jesus wept.’ (John 11:35). This verse is well known and is the shortest verse in the whole Bible. This verse shows us that Jesus has emotions, just like us. The verse took place after Lazarus had died. Jesus went back to Judea to find that he had been dead and in a tomb for four days. When He saw Lazarus was dead, He wept. Jesus cried because He had lost someone that He loved. We all cry and feel sad sometimes and Jesus does too. This verse can help us to connect more with Jesus because we know that He knows what it feels like to be sad. He knows what it’s like to be human because He is God in human form.

Another thing about this verse though is that Jesus was about to raise Lazarus from the dead. Jesus knew that He was about to raise Lazarus, but He still took time to mourn because He was sad to lose someone that He loved. He was going to fix the problem, but He still stopped to comfort Mary and Martha who were mourning the loss of their brother.

In the Bible there is another verse that says,‘Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.’ (Romans 12:15). Jesus did this as He comforted Mary and Martha. He was mourning because Lazarus had died but He was also comforting Mary and Martha by mourning alongside them. Jesus loved Lazarus and when he died Jesus mourned just like we do when someone that we love dies. Recently my Grandmother died, and I know that Jesus understood how I was feeling. So, when emotions come, whether they are because of good or bad circumstances, Jesus can help us because He knows what we are going through. And He has the most powerful emotion of all, His love for us.