Looking For Donkeys

“There he is. This one shall reign over My people.” 1 Samuel 9:17

Kish sent his son to look for his donkeys that had gone AWOL. That should not have taken very long but three days later Saul and his servant were still wandering the hills of Benjamin in search of the miscreants.  As it turned out they had already been found but that information was kept from Saul because God had sent him unwittingly on a quite different search: To find Samuel the prophet.

Becoming concerned over his father’s anxiety for his long absence Saul determined to go home but his servant suggested going to see the prophet for help regarding the donkeys.

Saul was seeking donkeys but the Lord was seeking him to make him king of Israel in response to the people’s demand for a king like the other nations. The people had rejected the Lord to reign over them and demanded another (8:7) so God gave them what they wanted with a warning that they would suffer great sorrow as a result (8:11ff). In effect God was saying, “You can have what you want but you will be sorry.”

In a democratic country the people have the opportunity to elect a government of their own choosing. It will reflect the hearts of the people. Because we live in a predominately secular, humanistic and effectively atheistic society we can expect the government elected to reflect that.

The Lord will let us have what we want but with it comes with many stern warnings in the Bible. Judgment is at the door and only restrained by the mercy and grace of God.

It is appropriate for Christians to vote for local representatives who give honour to God and His Word, in word and deed, but unless we are actively involved in the Great Commission there will be less and less representation of godliness in our government. The ungodly will not vote for godly representatives and that is why we have, in some cases, known liars, adulterers and thieves representing us in government. Instead of being kicked out they are applauded for being “human” (i.e. sinners).

For now, God’s hand through Jesus Christ is still extended to all people. He will clasp any who reach up to Him and pull them out of the mire of delusion this world offers. Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Our democratically elected government will reflect the heart of the people. Therefore make disciples of Jesus Christ.

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