Prospering Under Wrath

“But still the people acted corruptly” (2 Chronicles 27:2)

It may often be assumed that people adopt the behaviour and attitudes of their leader but that is an unwarranted assumption. Whenever we read of or hear a sermon on the kings of Judah and Israel the focus is usually on the king. But did the people always see eye to eye with their king?

In the case of King Jotham the people disregarded his godliness. This should open our minds to the fact that a good king does not necessarily mean the people do right and that an evil king does not necessarily mean the people do evil.

Jotham was unable to remove the “high places” (the places of pagan worship 2 Kings 15:35) in Judah and this was possibly because the people resisted any effort to do so.

Jotham’s heart was right before God and the Lord graciously prospered him and the kingdom for his sake in spite of the corruption of the people. The people did not realise that though they were prospering the wrath of God hung over them restrained only for the sake of a godly king.

Sadly there have been and are churches that are just like Judah was at that time. They have a godly leader but they act corruptly. They may sincerely believe that their prosperity is God’s response to their righteous living when such is not the case.

A godly pastor does not produce a godly church and neither does a pagan pastor make a pagan church – though both will exert considerable influence. It is the corporate body that determines the character of the church. Each person choosing to serve and obey the Lord Jesus Christ individually will produce a corporate godly church.

Is it possible that you are receiving God’s blessing because of the faithfulness of others while you continue to worship the gods of this world? You cannot serve and worship God while going after and rejoicing in worldly pleasures. Let us be very careful in our assessment of the reason and source of God’s gracious blessing.

Esau suffered because he sought the blessing and not the One from whom all blessings come. The outcome was that he ended up with neither.  Give priority to seeking the kingdom of God bearing in mind that the kingdom is where the King is. The true blessings will come when we seek Him and not the blessings.

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