God’s Part – My Part

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will guide you with My eye.” (Psalm 32:8)

Knowing the will of God can seem confusing but that may sometimes be because we forget what our role is and what God’s role in our lives is. If we try to do that which is God’s part we will certainly be confused as we will be if we neglect our part.

In this Psalm there are two places were God’s part and our part are noted.

Firstly, in verse five David writes that our part is to acknowledge our sin and iniquity (I am a sinner by nature), and confess known acts or attitudes of sin to the Lord. God’s part is that He will forgive our sin. Not surprisingly this Psalm begins by saying that the person whose sin is forgiven is in the most enviable position (vv 1, 2). David’s delay in confessing his sin only brought grief and sorrow (vv 3, 4). Any delay we make in confessing known sin to God will do the same for us.

Secondly, for the one whose sin is forgiven, God’s part is to instruct, teach and guide in a most intimate and personal way. Verse eight is one that many have memorised and taken as a promise but there is a condition attached.

Our part is to be teachable, easily led and gladly follow (v 9). This may be where many of us fail. God will not put a bridle, bit or harness on us even though we may wish He would. Our sin nature will resist any teaching, instructing and guiding by the Lord. His desire is that we gladly and voluntarily make ourselves disciples (learners and followers) of Jesus Christ.

In order for Him to instruct and teach us we must be in the right place and we have a key part in that. If we are to be led by Him we must settle that transaction with Him at some point in time. A teachable spirit with a receptive mind and humble heart, reading studying and meditating on God’s Word is the right place. This must also be accompanied by a willingness to be led wherever He chooses to lead. This will not be fearful to the one who knows the Lord.

The one who trusts the Lord will be swallowed up and encompassed by God’s loving kindness (v 10) and shout for joy (v 11). This is indeed a most blessed place to be in.

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