The Irresistible Approach

“Then he (the antichrist-yet to be revealed) shall confirm a covenant (treaty) with many (Israel and surrounding nations) for one week (seven years)Daniel 9:27

After Israel’s Messiah (Christ) is killed, writes Daniel, and after an unquantified time, the prince (The head of the revised Roman Empire) will make a treaty with Israel and surrounding nations.  The signing of this treaty marks the commencement of the seventieth week of years of God’s dealing with Israel to bring them to the point of receiving their Messiah. This is the commencement of the seven-year tribulation time for Israel that leads up to Jesus Christ returning and being received by Israel at last.

As we have watched events in the Middle East over the past few decades one thing has dominated – attempts to bring peace to the region. The recent instability in the region only motivates the world’s politicians to work harder and with new impetus, endeavouring to bring peace to Israel and the surrounding nations.

All true believers will be taken out of the world in what we call “the Rapture” (lit. snatching up) before this treaty is signed and before the Antichrist is revealed. With the world’s leaders working hard at bringing peace in the Middle East the day of our departure may not be that far off.

Attempts by anyone to state a date for the ‘rapture’ or Jesus’ return are futile as Jesus told His disciples that no man knows the day or hour (Matthew 24:36). Any attempt to make a date shows contempt for Jesus and His word.

Over the years several have given dates for either the ‘rapture’ or Christ’s return and they have all lost credibility. When they claim, as the most recent attempt did, that the Bible reveals the date they also give the world cause to discredit the Bible.

Since the exact number of days of the tribulation is given it will be possible for Bible believers in the tribulation to know the exact day of Christ’s return but for us we live every day in expectation but never disappointment.

The Bible does not give us the day but it does reveal what the condition of the world will be during the tribulation. We may not know the day but like the farmer we can see the new season irresistibly approaching.

This should encourage us all the more to be faithful in sharing the Gospel with the unsaved, especially loved ones.

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