Surprise Appointment

“That they may know that this is your hand – that You, Lord have done it!” (Psalm 109:27)

Having been away from work for nearly four weeks there were the inevitable changes made to bus routes and shifts. I was called in for a shift this morning and given some extra running to fill in for another driver who was doing some extra training. Unknown to me God had arranged an appointment…

In explaining one small error on my part to a passenger I mentioned to her, the only passenger on the bus, that I had been in South Africa. As is usually the case when I mention this to other drivers or passengers they ask if I had a good holiday. “Yes,” I say, “I spent much of it in prison.” As you might imagine that always gets a response.

This opened up further conversation as I explained that I taught the Bible in the prison. The lady told me that she was doing a thesis for her Religious Studies course and wanted to know what “religion” I was. I explained that I was a Christian who believed the Bible and understood it in the usual literary sense.

Through her son, who had spoken with Mormons at the door, she and he were invited to one of their meetings. Being very independent (her word) and not wishing to come under the dictatorial authority of another (the reason for her divorce, she said) she objected to their objection about her manner of dress. She told me that she had no dresses to wear, only slacks but they insisted on a dress.

In the course of our journey (I was in no hurry now) I was able to share with her the difference between religion and a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. I shared a testimony of a prisoner in Johannesburg awaiting trial who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ and had such a change of heart that he would speak the truth at his trial. He was facing three life sentences: two for murder and one for kidnapping. That is not religion; that is a man forgiven by God and in a relationship with Him.

As she alighted from the bus, very slowly and still in conversation, I was able to briefly explain the meaning of, “The wages of sin is death, but the Gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord” (Romans 6:23). She had no problem with all the essential tenets of the Gospel: she was a sinner and Christ alone through His sacrifice could atone for her sin. May she discover the truth of God’s Word very soon and enter into that relationship.

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