Nation Against Nation

“Nation will rise against nation.–­and kingdom against kingdomThere will be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in various places” (Matthew 24:7)

The history of mankind from the day Cain killed Abel until the present has been one of continual wars, murders and fighting. Governments and leaders have been promising to end the killing of people and yet it is arguably at an all time high. In addition to these kinds of killing of people we could add abortion and euthanasia.

Will people ever stop killing other people? Jesus says, ‘No!’ In fact, He says that mankind would annihilate itself if He (Jesus) did not return and prevent it (Matthew 24:22).

On Anzac Day each year we set a day aside to remember the terrible loss that is always the consequence of war. But that has not reduced war in the world. The Bible teaches that man will get worse and wars more common as time passes until mankind wars openly against the Lord Himself.

Sin makes people do what otherwise seems quite ridiculous. Is there anything more futile than the created being making war on the One who created him and sustains him?

‘Will people ever learn?’ we ask. Intellectually and corporately we know that war is killing us all but we are powerless to stop it. As long as there is anger, greed, hatred, revenge, lust, coveting and the like, men will always find themselves at war.

Only when the Prince of Peace comes and reigns in the hearts of men will men know peace and only when He reigns in the world will the world know peace.