Get to it

“Whatever He says to you, do it” John 2:5

The relationship between a mother and son is special among relationships. Mary’s relationship with Jesus had the added aspect that she and He both knew who He really is. As Jesus grew to adulthood she carefully observed His development in knowledge and behaviour.

Jesus is an adult a little over thirty years of age and apparently still living with His mother at the time of this event recorded in John 2:1-11. Joseph is not mentioned in the Gospels after the event when He was twelve years old so we could assume that he died somewhere between these events.

In the passage we see that there was a need to be met and Jesus’ response to his mother seemed to perplex her. She knew He would do something but she did not know just what He would do.

Mary was a woman like any other but God had chosen to borrow her womb for the incarnation. She knew Jesus in a way no one else has or will and her instruction to the servants, over whom she apparently had authority, is of value to us. Let us take the words independently and see if they help us in our relationship with Jesus.

  • Whatever: This is extremely broad, encompassing all without limitation. This word does not give room to discriminate in any respect; personal likes, dislikes, ambitions or desires. If we start questioning or discriminating it shows that we do not trust Him.
  • He: This is very important. Jesus frequently did and said things that provoked people to consider or ask who He is. Even the Father said on two occasions that we should “Hear Him.” We are often inclined to hear many other people in preference to Him. This was one of the reasons the disciples were often confused. They gave too much authority to men and too little to Jesus’ words.
  • Says: For the servants to obey Mary’s instruction they must first listen to what Jesus says. We have the Bible but it is of no value unless we first spend time reading, meditating and studying it. Jesus has given us gifted teachers and counsellors but they should never replace the wisdom of God’s own word.
  • To you: We are to receive His word personally. Quite often we think that His words may be for the person next to us or someone else we know. In many cases the Bible is written to someone else but it has been written for us (2 Timothy 3:16-17).
  • Do it: Get on with it now. Make the decision and get the ball rolling with no looking or turning back. Don’t wait to see if anyone else is doing what Jesus said before starting. One can only wonder how many people never got going in serving Jesus because they were waiting to see if someone else would lead the way.

Mary is not instructing the servants to do her will but the will of Jesus Christ. Her instruction to the servants is one we can take on board in our relationship with Jesus. How we do so will give us insight into our personal relationship with Him.