Taking Steps of Obedience

“How can we know the way?” John 14:5

The previous two articles have asked some life-changing questions and may have left some wondering what to do about it. The Bible has very direct and clear answers to many questions but this may not be one of them. The answer will have a different manifestation in ministry and life for each of us. But are there any guidelines? We will do well to see how Thomas responded to this very situation.

Jesus was explaining in more detail than before that He was going away for a time and that He would come back for them. He explained that they already knew where He was going and the way for them (v 4). Thomas was not the only disciple who did not understand what Jesus meant by this. It may be just that they did not want to display their ignorance. We are no different. We would rather remain proud and ignorant than humble ourselves and ask the question. Thomas should be commended for asking the unuttered question on the lips of all the disciples.

Can it be that after reading the last two articles you responded to the Lord with the same question that Thomas asked the Lord? “How can we know the way?” In your heart you have said to the Lord, “I will” but what now?

Having made an act of will to obey Jesus Christ and the Word of God the next step is to take steps of obedience but like the disciples you may think you do not know the way. Jesus told the disciples they did know the way but they just respond with, “Duhhh” except Thomas.

It would be spiritually foolhardy to wait for or ask for a sign. We would most likely get the same answer that the disciples received, “You know the way.”

Jesus Himself is the way. How that works out in our individual lives will vary according to several things. Each believer is unique and any attempt to make us uniform is like having all players in a sporting team play the same position.

Jesus is the way. The disciples will have walked with Him and learned from Him for more than three years by the time He departed. What they needed to do was keep on doing the same. That is what He expects of us as well. As we walk with Him and learn of Him He will lead and guide us in our way. Obedience to His word and the Holy Spirit’s leading is absolutely critical. Anything else is rebellion against the first commandment. “You shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3) making ourselves god just as Satan induced Adam & Eve to do (Genesis 3:5-6).

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